Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guest Speaker

As I write this, there is a woman standing in front of the white board and teaching my class. She is dressed professionally, well-organized and engaging. She brought hand outs and free pencils. She's doing role playing exercises for Christ's sake!

Meanwhile I'm relegated to the back of the room, tears rolling down my cheeks, forced to listen to the attentive silence and occasional engaged laughter of my students. This must be how regular teacher feels when I show up. Except, not really, because when I come in the teacher is usually in the comfort of their own home eating frozen pizzas and watching Price is Right reruns in their bathrobe.

Maybe its time I start working towards my teachers certification.


Blogger colin loughlin said...

I could give you a credit or two to go toward it. Thank god I mannaged to avoid the grits until I met you.

3:44 PM  

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