Thursday, September 06, 2007

Everyday's a New Day

Monday was Labor Day.

Tuesday was a half day because of excessive heat. For the entire first period (a quarter of the shortened day), the principal, vice principle and I took turns trying to find a key to open Ms. Mcdonald's room. For the entire 50 minutes we tested every key on three comically over sized key rings. When none of them worked, we tried them all again. When none of them worked again, I moved to an empty classroom that wasn't more secure than Fort Knox.

Yesterday I played a game of chess against an autistic student. I won. Barely.

Today, for the second time in my subbing career, I got payed $93 dollars to follow a student named Steven to all his classes. Steven uses crutches to get around but he is perfectly self sufficient. Nonetheless The District demands that someone shadow him at all times. Being a substitute shadow is like getting paid $93 to go to one day of High School. And you don't even have to pay attention.


Blogger colin loughlin said...

Did he know your were following him, or were you like an air marshal?

11:21 PM  

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