Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Uniform

I've said it before, but a big part of being a substitute teacher is waking up early. As a sub in the St. Louis Public Schools its not uncommon for the Automated Substitute System to call as early as 5:30am. Since I have been working most of this year as a long term sub I haven't been subject to nearly as many 5:30am wake up calls. That being said, I have to be at school in my classroom by 7:05, so I'm not exactly sleeping in.

I can adjust to waking up early pretty well. But in order for me to be someone who is not, not a morning person, there are certain measures I have to take. First and foremost is that I go to bed early, its not uncommon for me to be in bed lights out at 9:30. I set my alarm to ring at the last possible minute and never snooze. Snoozing is dry-humping.

One reason that I can live a 10 minute drive away from school and set my alarm for for 6:45 is that I have a routine. NPR comes on at 6:45, I jump out of bed, go to the bathroom with the lights off, pee sitting down, flip on the lights, scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and get dressed, grab my backpack and walk out the door.

I never have to waste valuable sleeping minutes deciding what to wear because I wear the exact same thing to work everyday. This is my uniform: a white short sleeve business shirt, black Rustler brand jeans and black skate shoes with white laces. In the winter I add my blue winter coat.

After 3 years of subbing most days at Gateway, I think that pretty much every student and teacher has noticed that I wear the same clothes everyday. I imagine they find it amusing. One time I had a teacher down the hall wave me over to his doorway during the passing period. When I got to his doorway he told me that 'someday you've got to switch it up Mr. Lee, give the girls a new look.'

Today, during the passing period after lunch, I heard a couple of girls coming down the hallway. The one was saying to the other 'I'm gonna buy him a new outfit.' I told them that this was my uniform and and if they wanted spend some money on me, they could buy me new black jeans and a white short sleeve shirt. She said, 'I'm gonna buy you a black shirt... and white jeans, and white shoes with black laces.'

I really hope that she comes through on her promise. It would be the perfect outfit for opposite day.

p.s. The 'Snoozing is dry-humping' joke is a Jim Utz original.


Blogger colin loughlin said...

Yeah and the uniform is a C-Lock original, or atleast having the balls to wear it to college everyday is.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous clara said...

you are not the only one with a school uniform...


5:01 PM  

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