Thursday, January 10, 2008

Self Destructive Behavior

My girlfriend's family has a family motto:

You fuck up, you fuck up again, and then you learn. Maybe.

I just fucked up again. I took the teacherless classroom that the assistant principle was trying to nudge me into. It was a terrible decision.

This is different than covering a maternity leave. There is no well organized teacher at home creating assignment calendars. Its just me, a computer, 12 desks, a blackboard, a locked cabinet and desk and three small classes of special-ed students.

But there is a reason I made such a terrible decision. Guess how long my lunch is? Longer. Longer. Two hours and 36 minutes!

How bad can anything really be if you've got one hundred and fifty six minutes for lunch. I could drive to Alton Illinois for the world's coldest beers and 99 cent burgers and still make it back in time to 'co-teach' Dr. Nguyen's 7th biology class.


Blogger reverend dick said...

I like your girlfriend's family.

12:21 AM  

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