Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dusting Off The Alarm Clock

What did I learn over my two and half weeks of winter break? I learned that I prefer 6:30AM as a bed time and not as a wake up time.

Even so I dragged myself out of bed for the first school day of 2009. And scraped the windows on my car. And shuffled to Gateway's front door on hilariously unsalted sidewalks. As I passed by the front security desk, Ms. Peterson was taking the ice spikes off her shoes. Welcome back.

And then I did what I always do and then immediately regret. I took a long term sub job.

One of the English teachers will not be back for the remainder of the school year and Gateway wants Mr. Awesome to fill in until they can hire someone. This is how they always get me. They find me fresh off of three weeks of blowing money and watching daytime TV and offer me a steady gig with a 90 minute lunch. And I say yes. What a rube.

Don't get me wrong. Steady substitute work is great. I could hand out worksheets and proctor study halls everyday from now until 2050, in fact that is my 41 year plan in a nutshell. But doing teacher work (lesson planning, grading, dealing with parents, experiencing constant and soul crushing disappointment) for substitute pay? I must still be drunk.

Hopefully the new principal doesn't dilly dally in the hiring process because I'm already starting feel like a genuine underpaid and defeated public school teacher. If this goes on much longer than a week i am going to demand some paid time off.


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