Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't Worry, I'm a Substitue Teacher.

Week one is done and gone and here I am, still stuck in Mr. Miller's math classroom with one piece of chalk, one chalk board eraser, a box full of scientific calculators, one used "Advanced Mathematical Concepts" textbook, one heavily used "Algebra 2" textbook and nothing that resembles a lesson plan. I am supposed to have a third book for the Algebra 1 classes, but Ms. Forrest, the bookroom lady, is more than a little crusty and won't trust a new textbook to a sub.

There are a few things Ms. Forrest must not realize. 1. There are very few things in this world that i would like to steal less than a highschool math textbook. 2. The Algebra 1 textbook is so big and heavy that trying to steal it would be like stealing a gas station bathroom key with a cinderblock for a key chain. Except in this case the key is the cinderblock. 3. In order to become a sub, I was required to have completed 60 college credit hours, a T.B. Test, and an FBI background check. I'd like to think that not having tuberculosis would be reason enough to trust someone with a 9th grade Algebra book.


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