Monday, February 04, 2008

Forward to the Past

Half the teachers in the St. Louis Public School District must have been suffering from wicked nacho cheese hangovers this morning. The phone was ringing off the hook.

I got the call to come back to my old stomping grounds, Ms. Brighton's room. I spent most of the first semester sitting behind this very desk and wasting time on this very computer.

The room feels very much the same even though its no longer my semi-permanent home. I kept the desk a little tidy-er than Ms. Brighton does and there are some new students that enrolled for the second semester, but it all feels very familiar. Its easy to fall back into a familiar routine.

First period the seniors rejoiced in and complained about the outcome of the super bowl. Demetrius is now convinced that professional football is rigged. The entire class is convinced that I'm related to Tom Brady.

Ms. Andrews is still bringing in her College Summit class during second period to use the computers. I am still reading the newspaper online and eating my apple and granola bar breakfast.

Third period there are plenty of new faces in the freshman class, but the veterans have quickly brought the rookies up to speed on how to spend the entire class period watching rap videos and Microsoft Window shopping for shoes.

Fourth period is still well behaved and studious.

For first lunch the cafeteria is still only serving beige colored food. A golden brown chicken patty on a white bun with yellow American cheese, tan french fries, orange canned apricots and white milk. In fairness to the menu planner, the ketchup is red.

Fifth period is still convinced that its ok to come to class 20 minutes late if you're coming from lunch.

Sixth period is still when you notice that the heater in Ms. Brighton's room is permantly stuck on high. It also when you contemplate trying to run the air conditioning at the same time.

When this was kind of my classroom seventh period used to give me headaches at least two days a week. I hope its one thing thats not the same at all, not even a little.


Blogger Petra said...

Sweet that they think you're related to Tom Brady. Do they also think you're dating Gisele?

6:25 PM  
Blogger colin loughlin said...

Silly Petra you don't date your cousins lady.

Lee this is your best post to date, you've really out done yourself. When is the novel due? I can't wait to get my hands on it, I need something to read while on death row.

10:59 PM  

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