Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Other Side of the Desk

Presidents day. I used the time off to sleep in, read, eat leftovers and waste time on the internet. Besides waking up at 11:00 intstead of 6:30, it was a lot like a day of subbing, without pay. Presidents day is probably a more fun if you're on salary.

For students and substitutes it was a cold and windy four day weekend. Teachers only had three days off. It was a professional development day on Friday.

Professional development day is when all the teachers in the district are forced to attend workshops and listen to presenters lecture about becoming a more effective teacher. They sit in desks and listen to someone who is getting paid to talk. They hate it.

At professional development there is no homework, no grades, no gym class, no detention, no bullies, no screaming assitant principal, and teachers get paid to attend. Even so, they hate it. Its boring. Its a waste of time. There's a million other more productive things they could be doing.

Like trying to figure out why their students always look so bored and pissed off in class.


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