Friday, April 18, 2008

The Warden

The MAP testing season is coming to an end. With more than a little Automated Substitute System wrangling I was able to work and average of 3.5 days per week through the drought. It was plenty of work to keep me in fast food mexican and cheap beer.

As of today, finding work is no longer an issue. The normal warden of In School Suspension is out for the remainder of the year for medical reasons. I got the call to fill in. 12 students or less all day long, everyday I care to show up for the rest of the year.

Today on the roster there are two names. They came in first period and immediately went to sleep. At 10:25 I woke them up and we went to the cafeteria for the ISS lunch period. They put their heads on the lunch table and kept them there until it was time to go back up stairs. Back in the room and straight back to sleep. They even slept through a minor earthquake this morning. ISS is a peaceful place.


Blogger colin loughlin said...

If your ever short of money you could always sell some advertising space on the side of your blog.

At least it would be easy to figure out what your read demographic was... Mid twenties white European immigrant male, interests include, muscle and/or sports cars, track bikes, RC planes, and of course mexican food and cheap beer.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Lee said...

I love you Colin

3:15 AM  

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