Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet the New Boss

Despite the fact that no one in the district office has taken the time to flip the switch that controls the the St. Louis Public Schools Automated Substitute System to the 'on' position, I was able to get my first day of work for the school year. All it took was a 6:50am phone call to Gateway High's main office.

Walking in Gateway's front doors, summer felt like a long weekend without pay. Mr. Hammond the security officer was still reading the paper at the front door just like I left him in June. But not everything remained unchanged. Third period the entire school assembled in the auditorium to meet the new boss.

Dr. Brindly is the new principal of the Gateway Institute of Technology. She seems like she has her shit together. We were in the auditorium for almost 45 mintues and security didn't have a thing to do. I'd day She's off to a pretty good start.


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