Friday, May 02, 2008

Clearing the Boards

There is an understanding between teachers and students in the St. Louis Public Schools. They are never allowed to touch each other in anger. Any breach of this understanding brings with it serious repercussions. Teachers can lose there jobs and students can be expelled. Criminal charges are not out of the question.

There is one exception. One glorious afternoon when teacher and students can volunteer to beat up on each other in the name of good clean fun.

The Seniors vs. Staff Basketball Game took place yesterday afternoon. Thats why I am typing this with a fat lip, hurt wrist and tweaked left ankle.

When I got home yesterday I had to stain stick the blood stains on my shirt. It was totally worth it. I've already had a dozen kids compliment me on my game.


Anonymous seratti said...

I played in an 8th grade Vs Faculty softball last year (I was subbing). Out of the faculty the only people who got on base were me, the gym teacher and the homosexual ESL instructor who was having the game of his life.
I ended up with something like 12 home runs and the ESL instructor (probably in his first sports match EVER) had 4 doubles and a triple.

No fat lips, however, I cannot belittle the feeling of BAD-ASS-NESS when the 8th graders moved further into the outfield when I was up to bat.

I still carry the feeling.


2:40 PM  

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