Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pointless, but Fun.

I didn't teach a single class today, and it wasn't because I was slacking. My job for the day was to escort a student, who uses crutches to to get around, from class to class. When the Principal told me that what I was going to be doing today, it sounded pretty important. Then I met Dave. I was about as much help to Dave as a lead ball and chain around his ankle. He is totally self sufficient and crutches from class to class faster than any other student, except the nerdy kids with the 50 lb backpacks that seem to be at their next class almost before they left their last one. Yet for some reason the St. Louis Public School District requires that Dave have an escort at all times. Dave's normal pilot fish was unable to attend today so they called up Mr. Awesome.

At 7:15am when we walked from the cafeteria to Dave's first period class I realized that I was totally superfluous. I asked Dave if there was anything he needed me to do for him. He said something like "All Ms. Collins does is follow me around." We understood each other. I wouldn't do anything except try not to embarrass him.

That's how I got to play the role of a high school student on the last day of school before Easter break. I'd show up to a classroom, announce to the teacher that I was "with Dave" and grab a desk. First period we watched part of The Fighting Temptations in Choir. Second period Dave and I had the mathematics section of the MAP test, I opted out of the test and read the newspaper instead. Fourth period we finished up Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in Ms. Bowen's class. Fifth period Mr. E had us do a worksheet. Sixth period was a free day in Mr. Pilau's class and seventh period we surfed the Internet in the computer lab until the front desk called and let us know that Dave's bus was early. Thanks for a great day, Dave. I'll be your parasite anytime.


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