Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Exerpt From Today's St. Louis Post Dispatch

"A substitute teacher on Wednesday, read the days lesson plan and started to show the students what was supposed to be an instructional video about volcanoes.

When the video tape began to play, pornographic images appeared on the screen. The substitute teacher promptly shielded the screen away from the students and immediately stopped the tape.

In a letter sent home to the parents of students in the classroom where the incident occurred, Orchard Farm High School Principal Timothy McInnes said, 'Although students were exposed to inappropriate material for approximately 15 seconds, this event demonstrated a profound error in judgement on the part of the regular classroom teacher.'"

A profound error in judgement? Talk about engaging your students...

Maybe the regular classroom teacher was just ahead of her time with her unorthodox teaching methods. After all, I doesn't matter which 15 seconds of porn you watch, you're going to see some volcanoes.


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