Monday, April 23, 2007

Moments in Our Lives

Due to a severe teacher shortage this morning, I was pulled out of my on going assignment teaching English and Journalism and thrust into the familiar role of in school jail warden.

A student in in school suspension is allowed to leave the classroom four times all day. Three teacher lead, whole class bathroom breaks and lunch.

During our second bathroom break I lead inmates numbers 1-8 down the hall to the boy's room. When we arrived at the 4th floor West boys room there were already three 'free' students hanging out. After a couple of minutes of pissing, hand washing and rough housing, the 'free' students had left and we were ready to head back to ISS.

As the 6th of my 8 inmates went out the bathroom door into the hallway, one of the 'free' students pegged him in the chest with an overfilled red water balloon. The payload was large enough that I received a fair splash from my position at the back of the line. The water balloon chucker joyously watched his balloon explode, raised his hands in victory and then took off sprinting down the hallway.

Another moment in the exciting life of a substitute teacher.


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