Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still In Demand

The Economy. People lose their jobs. Unemployment runs out. People apply to be substitute teachers.

I was a concerned that as more and more previously careered people turned to substitute teaching during their search for another good job, I might have a harder time consistently finding the quality sub jobs I have grown accustomed to. It hasn't happened.

I guess I forgot to take into account that not just any future executive can stand in front of a room of 35 St. Louis Public High School students without urgently needing to find a restroom. It takes a certain type of personality to make a great substitute teacher. You have to be able to settle for mediocrity. You have to accept that some things are just out of your hands. You also have to be able to hold your bladder until the bell rings.

Honestly, I think the infusion of recession subs into the St. Louis Public Schools has made me seem even better at my job in comparison. Teachers knows, that when Mr. Awesome watches their class, all the worksheets will be distributed, and they will come back to a clean classroom. What can a teacher expect when they leave substitue selection up to fate? Maybe they'll come back to find two inches of urine at the bottom of their trash can. Just ask Ms. Taylor, it happened.

Do your worst economy, Mr. Awesome is recession proof.


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