Thursday, November 09, 2006

Authentic Experiences.

Its no secret that I went to a private highschool, and that the private highschool experience is very different from The Highschool Experience. I never rode the bus. I never brought a sack lunch. I never witnessed an actual fist fight in my entire educational career. We didn't even have a Prom Queen. I might as well have gone from grade school straight to graduate school.

How can a person be expected live normal American life without having ever walked into a school bathroom cloudy with weed smoke, or seeing two girls rip each others weaves out? These experiences are the things that make Americans American. The Highschool Experience is the glue that binds countless disperate individuals into one cohesive nation.

Thats the reason I love subbing so much. Its like getting paid to go to a public highschool; but without any of the responsibilities of being a student. Yesterday I saw a fist fight in the boys bathroom. Today was toasted ravioli day in the cafeteria. Tommorow is Veterans Day (observed).

I don't have any homework and I don't have to grade any homework.

When I was still in school my parents used to tell me that someday, when I had a real job and real responsibilities, I would give anything to be back in school. Well, I am back in school, and I didn't have to give anything. There even paying me to be here.


Blogger colin loughlin said...

way to stick to the old man and woman, shit and your still living with them, you truely are living the dream.

11:13 PM  
Blogger colin loughlin said...

ps i love it!

11:13 PM  

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