Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nevermind My Last Post.

Gym is the best assignment a sub can get. Band is only second best so long as the instruments in the band are not amplified.

Today I'm subbing for a guitar teacher. There are no less than 11 amplifiers in his room. Thats like teaching in a classroom with a loaded gun under every table.

I'm surrounded by Lamb Of God T-shirts and Guitar World Magazines, pimpled faces, mop hair cuts, and dirt staches. I don't have an accurate class list, and I'm apparently the only thing resembling an authority figure on the entire 4th floor. It's enough to make any sub feel a little vulnerable.

My only defense is the ability to recognize their broken attempts to play Reign In Blood and Angel Of Death. I can only hope that owning more than one Slayer album is enough to pacify these blood thirsty Juggalos and keep me in one piece until 2:18p.m.


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