Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hallway Literature.

A partial list of the witty T-shirt slogans students were wearing today:

I ride the short bus

All this and brains too

I'm not unmotivated
I'm just lazy

It's my birthday
Who wants a piece?

Keep laughing
this is your girlfriends T-shirt

And then there's the shirt that Terrance wore to school today.

I may not be Mr. Right
but i'll fuck you
until he shows up

Somewhere out there in a huge suburban home, a witty screenshop employee turned mulit-millionaire is sipping Bud Selects with his huge chested wife and thanking God for Chinese made T-shirts and highschool kids with disposable income.


Anonymous jendock said...

hey mr. awesome,
I am interested in talking to you about the fbc for the arch city chronicle. If you're interested, could you contact me at

12:27 PM  

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