Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Utility Man. Or, Thats Mr. Oquendo to you.

Its 9:16am, and in 2 hours I have already subbed in four different classrooms for four different teachers. At this rate, when the last bell rings at 2:18, I will have subbed 14 classrooms for 14 teachers. That may be a record. However, I'd happily settle for as few as 5 different assignments today, so long as one of them is principal, security guard, custodian or lunch lady. Classroom teaching is old news. I need a new challenge. Let me French some Fries already.

Unrelated: A student totally cracked me up yesterday. He was telling me about all his girlfriends in the classroom; Cabneta (he pointed at the cabinet), Pencilla (showed me his pencil) and his best girl Deskiny (hugged his desk).


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