Thursday, December 07, 2006


I should be easy to come up with something interesting to write today. I watched a security guard twist a students ear in the back of my classroom, after waiting for her boss to leave. I said 'what's up' to the kid that stabbed me a couple of weeks ago. I read three newspapers, a magazine written by and for St. Louis Highschool students, and 50 pages of Fear and Loathing In America. I saw a girl lay down in the middle of the classroom floor to get her picture taken. I saw a girl get her hair done, complete with rollers and hot water. Its two in the afternoon and its 18 degrees outside. I comfiscated "J'Robs Mix 12/3/06." I watched the last 50 minutes of The Island and the first 50 minutes of Glory, twice. And I went to White Castle. But I havn't got much to say.

Maybe I'm just distracted by the 33 students in the room with me right now. Anything over 25 students my job is just to make sure that there is no need to call the ambulance.

Check back tommorow. I'll be teaching kids to work on helicopters. FAA certification be damned, Mr. Humphrey is going to be absent and the aviation majors deserve to learn.


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