Monday, February 26, 2007

The Plan of No Plan

Every sch0ol is different. Every classroom is different. Every class is different.

I spent all day today in a 9th grade physical science classroom. I had six different classes over the course of the day and in the process of interacting with them I experienced the complete spectrum of human emotion. Unfortunately since seventh period just ended, the only emotion I can actually recall is seething visceral annoyance.

An inherent danger with this job is finding yourself in a confined space with 30 fourteen year old students who are actively trying to piss you off. When I find myself in this situation I try to keep cool, remain objective and devise a plan. I'm not a yeller. Well, that's not true. I yell in joy, not in anger. I don't thrive on conflict and I don't gain any pleasure from getting people in trouble. Most of the time, ignoring the problem seems to be the plan that works out the best for me. Its amazing how sitting at the desk, opening a book and pretending like all is well with the world can take the vinegar right out of a problem class. This is not a plan that is going to incite the students to do their work, but as a sub that is hardly your concern. Your concern as a sub is to avoid 'oh shit' situations. Sadly it is in these 'oh shit' situations that the plan of no plan is definitively not appropriate.


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