Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mr. Awesome, Esquire

Second period I had a student leave the room on a hallpass to the assistant principals office. When she came back, she handed me the pass and asked me, "Mr. Lee what is 'pressing charges?'"

At that moment, if only for a second, my job felt like it had actual gravity.

I shared with her my basic understanding of what it means to press charges. Then she told me that she had been in a fight with 4 other girls almost a month ago and had just been informed by the assistant principal that one of the girls was pressing charges. I told her that as long as no one was seriously hurt it probably wouldn't amount to much outside of the school, but if anything did come of it, to try and get a lawyer.

How much is legal advice worth when its comming from a substitute teacher? I don't know exactly. But amatuer legal advice comes included in my $91 day rate. That much would buy you about a minute and a half with an actual lawyer.


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Blogger joe said... your attorney I recommend you cease and desist in giving legal advice for free - yer stealing bread from my kids' mouths.

10:58 AM  

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