Thursday, January 18, 2007

One for the History Books

Thursday January 18th, 2007. Central Vision and Performing Arts High School. Piano Teacher. A day for the history books.

1st period: Room 418. 45 kids (two classes) in a room with about 25 chairs, two pianos and various assorted string instruments. One student stepped on a violin. The assistant principle called the room twice after hearing stampeding noises to make sure I was ok.

2nd period: Room 320. 2 students in a room with a baby grand piano and 11 electric pianos. Brandon, Kiara and I had conversation. An actual conversation mostly about why I have a college degree, work as a substitute teacher, am 25 years old and still live with my parents.

3rd period: Room 320. At least 3 electric pianos going at one time for the entire fifty minutes. For the last ten minutes or so Darius was singing freestyle R&B to the skillfull accompaniment of Sean. Students would shout out something like "Valentines Day" and Darius would just wail on some hilarious made up lyrics. The entire class was in stiches.

4th Period: Had a student named Yassir. All the other students call him "Yes Sir."

2nd Lunch and 5th period: 90 minute lunch at the White Castle on South Kingshighway with the Dirty Old Man Coffee Club. I got a #1 with a medium Coke and an extra White Castle. Total $4.98.

6th Period: Room 320. A very difficult class. Ms. Mckay, a soft spoken older white woman, was in the room as a co-teacher. One student asked Ms. Mckay why she "was all old and wrinkled," another student called her "blood." At one point i sat down behind the teachers desk and my chair bumped a treble clef white board causing it to fall on my head. Every student in the room was literally on the floor laughing. This was the singular moment of my entire subbing career. Devistatingly hilarious.

7th Period: Room 320. A very well behaved group of four students practice silently with head phones while i write this.


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