Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Kick in the Balls

I should learn not to come to school in the morning with high hopes.

As I was leaving school yesterday, the assistant principal asked me to come in today to cover for one of the aviation teachers. I went to sleep last night with visions of hanging out in helicopter cockpits and playing touch football with my old pals the aviation majors.

The aviation majors at Gateway go to High School for five years and spend the last three years training to be certified by the FAA. For those three years they're in their own seperate wing of the school, which is literally an airplane hangar, full of airplanes, helicopters and pnuematic tools. There is no switching classes. They spend all day in the hangar.

In the absence of an FAA certified teacher there is literally nothing the students can do for credit. So last time I subbed for one of the aviation teachers, we built a tire swing in the morning, went to White Castle as a class at lunch time, and played touch football all afternoon. Considering that the hangar is 5 minute walk from the main office, as long as no one gets hurt, and nothing expensive gets broken, pretty much anything goes. Its like a beautiful dream.

I woke up from that dream this morning at the front office when the assistant principal told me that both aviation teachers were absent so there was no reason to have class in the hangar. Instead, would I mind taking both classes to the library? All day. Do you hear that? That's the sound of an idealistic young man getting his heart broken.


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