Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Day Off. Sort of.

Jury Duty is an opportunity to sit in a room with 200 people who would rather be literally anwhere else in the world. The magazines are old, the people are ugly and the down time is daunting-- for most people. Being a Substitute Teacher, I am uniquely well suited for the rigors of getting paid a nominal wage to sit in a room with nothing to do. I dressed in my Substitue uniform, brought my substitue bag packed with my substitue breakfast and substitute books. It was like any other day, I even got an 85 minute lunch. The only downside was that my lunch cost $8.26. That's 82.6% of my pay for the day. Throw in the $1 worth of Laffy Taffy I bought at World News and I walked with $.74 for the day.


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