Friday, January 05, 2007

Grim Realities

All break long I knew it would happen eventually, I just wasn't sure when... My phone started ringing again at 5:30 on Tuesday morning.

Gerald Ford was dead and the entire nation was remembering him on a federally sanctioned day of mourning. The entire nation except for the St. Louis Public School District. We were open for business.

Superintendent Dr. Diana Bourisaw had this to say about it on the SLPS website, "While our students will be in school during the national day of mourning for former President Gerald R. Ford, I encourage teachers to discuss with students the accomplishments of our country's 38th president."

If I had been asked to make a comment on the districts decision to stay open against the will of the federal government it would have read:

"It comes as no surprise that the St. Louis Public Schools flagrantly shit on the memory of the only American President never to be elected into the office of President, or Vice President. Several months ago when Gerald Ford became the longest living of all American Presidents, The District commemorated the occasion by showing an Americas Funniest Home Videos style video montage of President Ford tripping over things, falling down, and generally humiliating himself. The special assembly was called 'Proof That Even an SLPS Student Could Be President Some Day."


Blogger colin loughlin said...

And I'm sure you loved that video being that AFV is your favourite show, and isn't it odd that me and Micahel spend atleast an hour last night laughing our heads off while watch AFV on youtube. One final word, whenever I tell people how that is your favourite show they usually respond with "figures".

4:18 PM  

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