Thursday, January 11, 2007

Letters to the Editor

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Post today at school. Keep your eyes peeled for it in this weeks Metro section. The story was about a kid at Farmington High School who got suspended for wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt to school. Everyone knows the Confederate flag is not cool, unless it appears on a flaked out 1970's motorcycle helmet.

Here is my letter in case it never appears in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Kudos to Bryce Archambo and Robert Scaggs, the freshman freedom fighters of Farmington High School (Confederate flag case leads to second suspension, Jan 11, 2007.) Its about time somebody blew the whistle on that oppressive Yankee jail house.

High School is supposed to a place where students and faculty alike are allowed to express their each and every feeling, no matter how unpopular or offensive. It’s unfathomable that Farmington High feels it has the power to restrict what its students might wear to school. Such restrictions amount to a thinly veiled dress code. A dress code in a school? Is this Farmington or Nazi Germany?

I encourage all the High School students who may be reading this, all five or six of them, to follow Bryce and Roberts lead. Does your school restrict what you wear and how you act at school? Are you required to wear a shirt and shoes even in July when its 90 degrees and there’s no air conditioning at summer school? If so, your school is flagrantly trampling your freedom of expression. Call the ACLU, hand out some fliers and start litigating. It’s the American way. And It’ll be more of an education than you could ever get in four years of High School, or even five.


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Well said.

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