Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Continuing Education

The key to success as a substitute teacher in the St. Louis Public Schools is an ability to understand todays High School student. In most cases, the better a sub understands their students the easier their job will be. Accordingly, from time to time, I engage in activities that give me a better understanding of the the lives of my students. Whether this means disscussing cell phone planes in mind-numbing detail, listening to 100.3 The Beat, or having Tony Montana airbrushed onto the back of my jacket, I am willing to do almost anything to improve myself as a substitute.

Last friday, in the interest of professional development, I went to see the opening night showing of Stomp The Yard at The Esquire. All I learned for sure is that somebody at the district office owes me seven dollars.


Blogger Jeff P said...

I'm still gonna see it. And I'm still gonna love it.

3:03 PM  

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