Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick, Everyone Sit in the Hallway

This afternoon things got a little tornadic. So in lieu of 6th period the entire staff and student body of Gateway Highschool sat in the first floor hallway for an hour with all the doors and windows closed.

No one was killed, no damage was reported, but one kid puked in a trash can.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Me and The Dummies

I'm back from another week of spring break and spending the day in Ms. Steward's nursing classroom. Its a little wierd in here. The classroom is equiped not only with desks and computers but also three adult and two infant dummies with nose and mouth holes laying in hospital beds. I also found what looks like a urine sample in one of the glass doored cabinets.

I only have students for the first four periods today. After that its just me and the dummies.

Come fifth period it looks like the infants are going to have give up their bed until 2:18. This substitute if looking forward to a little afternoon shut eye.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Clearing the Boards

There is an understanding between teachers and students in the St. Louis Public Schools. They are never allowed to touch each other in anger. Any breach of this understanding brings with it serious repercussions. Teachers can lose there jobs and students can be expelled. Criminal charges are not out of the question.

There is one exception. One glorious afternoon when teacher and students can volunteer to beat up on each other in the name of good clean fun.

The Seniors vs. Staff Basketball Game took place yesterday afternoon. Thats why I am typing this with a fat lip, hurt wrist and tweaked left ankle.

When I got home yesterday I had to stain stick the blood stains on my shirt. It was totally worth it. I've already had a dozen kids compliment me on my game.